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Topic Workshop on Parton Distributions in Modern Era

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2016-12-17 08:00 to 2016-12-18 18:00
Prof. Jun Gao ( ), Prof. Wei Wang ( SJTU ), Prof. Feng Yuan ( )
TD Lee Institute

Understanding the QCD structure of the nucleon and nuclei is of fundamental importance in sub-atomic physics. A major focus of research on this topic is the partonic structure of the nucleon, including its spin structure. There have been great advancements and breakthroughs through the vast investigations in the last few decades. Great opportunities in the near future with continuing projects from RHIC at Brookhaven National Lab and CEBAF at Jefferson Lab, and the planed electron-ion collider (EIC) will undoubtedly deepen our understanding of the fundamental questions associated with the nucleon structure. In particular, the EIC will provide unprecedented precision in exploring many of the outstanding questions. In line with these experiment upgrades and future plans, we envision that the theory developments should be taken as well.

We intend to have a small group of experts working on QCD, to discuss the current status of the theoretical developments, and future perspectives. The meeting will be organized in a very informal way, mainly focusing on the exchange of ideas. We will mainly focus on recent developments on lattice calculation of parton distribution functions and the nucleon tomography in terms of the TMD/GPD/Wigner distributions. Other interesting topics will also be covered to encourage new ideas and maybe new collaborations.