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PRL Published Dark Matter Results From the PandaX-II Experiment


The PandaX-II experiment, a half- ton scale dual-phase xenon experiment at the China JinPing underground laboratory (CJPL), which leaded by Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), has recently reported the dark matter search results from its commissioning run (run 8, 19.1 live days) with a 5845 kg day exposure. The data were contaminated with significant $^{85}Kr$ background. They report the combined WIMP search results with a total of $3.3\times10^{4}$ kg day exposure, the largest reported WIMP data set among dual-phase xenon detectors in the world to date.

The article Dark Matter Results from First 98.7 Days of Data from the PandaX-II Experiment is published in 16 September 2016, as the cover of Volume 117, Issue 12 of PRL. It is also highlighted as one of the Editor's Suggestion.

Selected recent world results are plotted for comparison: PandaX-II run 8 results (magenta), XENON100 225 day results (black), and LUX 2015 results (blue). The 1 and 2-σ sensitivity bands are shown in green and yellow, respectively. The red solid line represents the world's best reported limit so far by PandaX-II experiment.